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Ruian Best Machine Co.,Ltd.

RUIAN BEST MACHINE CO., LTD professional in Flexo Printing Machine,Auto Die Cutting Machine,Auto Slitting Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Dry and Solventless Laminating Machine, Inspection and Rewinding Machine, Film Blowing Machine, Bag Making Machine, Screen Printing Machine, Window Patching Machine and other Auxiliary Products. With years of manufacturing experience and high technology.


with the advantage of excellent processing technology, grown machinery spare parts industrial zone, good location and development prospects, which are the basic of our factory to manufacture better quality machinery.


Comprehensive quality management and good efficiency, reduce the cost. To make our machinery be with more competitive edge. And our machinery is certified by our customers groups, hot sold to domestics and oversea market, with good reputation and highly praised.


Our company have professional team in selling and after-sale service, adhere to learn advanced experience, Persistent innovation, unyielding enterprising, always close to industry demand and goals.


Your choice is our high honor !


Hope to cooperate with you, create a Brilliant future.

Company Details

Main Market

North America

Western Europe

Southeast Asia

Middle East



Business Type


Trading Company

Brands : BEST

No. of Employees : 10~50

Annual Sales : 500000-1500000

Year Established : 2010

Export p.c : 70% - 80%

Company History

Enterprise tenet: scientific and technological innovation, quality innovation, integrity management, realization of transcendence.
Enterprise philosophy: talent is fundamental, management is the cornerstone; Innovation is the soul, business card.
Service purpose: to provide customers with high quality and satisfactory service
Enterprise spirit: unity, trustworthiness, pragmatism, innovation.
Enterprise slogan: face the future and go to the world continuously and self-transcendence
Quality philosophy: use our achievements to validate myths
Humanism: humanization and harmonization
Marketing concept: all for customers, for all customers
Corporate policy: professional and focused
Employing philosophy: meritocracy, equal competition, preferential employment and two-way choice
Innovative ideas: mechanism innovation, scientific and technological innovation, innovation of ideas.
Business philosophy: social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction.
Management philosophy: the obedience of the people, the letter, the people with sincerity, the person with the truth.
Professionalism: dedication, initiative, integrity and selflessness.
Business strategy: science and technology, professional and strong; To the future, to the world.

Company Service

Product Series:Flexo Printing Machine,Auto Die Cutting Machine,Auto Slitting Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Dry and Solventless Laminating Machine, Inspection and Rewinding Machine, Film Blowing Machine, Bag Making Machine, Screen Printing Machine, Window Patching Machine and other Auxiliary Products.


Service for After-Sale:

We can offer the engineer for oversea service to install, tranning, and maintain ect.


Our Service and Technical Support:

1. Easy fault parts supplying.

2. Online Error solution

3. Installation with commissioning

4. Trainning for the operator

5. Machine software upgraded

6. Manual for products.

7. Error maintenace.

8. The others problems that buyers will be concern



Q: what kind of pre-sale service do you offer? do you offer the free sample? and how about the freight cost?

A: we will make sample according to customer material by our machine, and take a video for customer reference. above is free, but the freight cost should be paid by customer.


Q: what kind of in-sale service do you offer? what is the warranty for the easy fault parts? and what is the delivery time for the machine?

A: if the easy fault parts is in the warranty period, we will offer the free replacement as per quality warrantee terms and conditions, and the delivery time for the machine is within 45 working days after the deposit


Q: how about the after sale service? warranty time for the machine?

A: we offer one year free warranty, and long-term trainning( the first time is free, but we will charge you for the second time and the training after that). we will offer free replacement according to the series numbers when the parts damaged within the warranty period


Q: do you offer any special service?. example: design, customized ect

A: initial free training, second charged, customized is welcome

Company Team

Agents wanted all around the world

Agents Introduction:
We are sincerely seeking companies around the world to represent us and distribute our products in their market. Exclusive agencies are allocated within each country.

Products Introduction:Flexo Printing Machine,Auto Die Cutting Machine,Auto Slitting Machine, Rotogravure Printing Machine, Dry and Solventless Laminating Machine, Inspection and Rewinding Machine, Film Blowing Machine, Bag Making Machine, Screen Printing Machine, Window Patching Machine and other Auxiliary Products.

Agent Requirements

Agents must have:
1) A good reputation and sale volume in their country.
2) Annual sales turnovers of more than USD200,000.
3) Search for long-term and stable partnership.

Agents Required for the Following Countries:
Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Latin America etc. All over the world

If you are interested in becoming an agent please be free to contact me:mob/whatapp/viber:+8615158408090


Our Advantage:

1. O2O- online to offline connection development mode

2. Agent all around the world to market the machine.

3. 30% profit to invest into new tech and research

4. Oversea showroom to catch more clients and help agent to less the cost

5. Manufacturing and trading combo


Ruian Best Machine Co.,Ltd.


If you not buy from us at the first time, it will be your life regret,
if you buy from us but do not buy at second time, it will be our fault


Our mission:

1.Let every cost be used into the raw material to achieve high quality and high stable machine operation and long life; 2.Improve Work efficiency to save the machine cost. 3. Let every machine more Intelligent, convinient, labor saving, time saving.


1.Warranty Time:12 months/one year.


2.Our aim:Customer is the God, if you not buy the first time,it will be your fault, if you buy but not buy second time, it will be our fault.

A replacement can be made after the confirmation made by our related department when parts breakdown under the condition of right used within warranty period. The company develops file for every single machine that is made. Serial numbers are marked on each machine part and archived. It’s pretty convenient for our clients to change spare parts when necessary. The only thing you need to do is to provide us the serial numbers on the spare parts, which need to be replaced. Moreover, we provide one year warranty after sale. We offer free spare parts within the warranty time, except damages caused by human factors and irresistible external factors.


3. If buyers damaged any parts of the machine without abiding by the using condition, using environment and usage that the instruction manual demanded within warranty time, we will only provide paid services under this situation.


4. There will be an operation training for operator:

(1) Training for right operation;
(2) Training for common sense of daily maintenance;
(3) Introducing after-sale services and training for solutions;

(4) Introducing after-sale services and notify the contact way; Accessories supply guarantee: We supply free accessories within one year warranty period. We will charge you for accessories supply when the warranty is overdue;


5. We offer 24 hours after-sale consulting services nationwide on hotline;


6. Video solution of equipment emergency failure. User themselves need to equip video system and devices. Our technicians will analyze the problems through video and guide clients’ technician to solve the problem all together.


7. FAQ online is available.



Q:1.How can I get the trainning and machine installation after I order it?


A)Machine manual and operation video will be offered
B)Professional engineers team can offer 7-24 service( we will reply your questions within 24 hours)
C)Oversea service is available
D)Welcome to visit our factory for the trainning


Q:2.Do you arrange shipment for the machine?

A)Under CFR or CIF terms, we are responsible for shipping from China port to the destination port.
B)Under FOB or EXW terms, clients shall arrange shipment by themselves or their agent


Q:3.How is the package?

A)water proof plastic film package
B)Fumigation wooden box


Q:4.Are you manufacture or trading company?


A)manufacturing and trading combo


Q:5.Where is your factory located? How can i visit here?

A)Our office is Beichang Industrial Zone, Songbu Town,Pinyang Wenzhou City
B)Our airport is Wenzhou Longwan International Airport .It is about 40 minutes from airport to our factory


Q:6.Can you do OEM?

No problem


Q:7.How can I get some samples?

we can make samples as your detailed requirements or own design.you can arrange RPI(remote pick up)service upon Fedex,Ups,Dhl,Tnt ect to have the samples collected or info us your dhl consignee acount no


Q:8.I never use this kind of machine before, is it easy to learn?

User friendly english manual and operation video will be offered, if there is still any questions, we can talk by whatapp,skype,viber ect online service.Moreover, you can come to our factory to learn how to use it before shippment, our technician will get you professional guidance.we can also offer the oversea service.


Q:9.How can I know this machine is suitable for me?

before ordering, we will offer every details of the machinery for your reference, or you could tell us your detailed requiements, our technician will recommend the most suitable machine for you. furthermore. we can make a sample advance for you to check if you give us your drawing

Travel to here



1. If you take plane to our factory . Our airport is Wenzhou Longwan International Airport .It is about 40 minutes from airport to our factory .You can fly to wenzhou airport from Shanghai , Beijing , Guangzhou first . Shanghai City is our nearest International city .It is about 50 minutes from Shanghai to Wenzhou Airport. and from Guangzhou Baiyun airport to Wenzhou Airport is about 2 hours. from Beijing Airport to Wenzhou Airport, it will take about 2 hours 40 minutes.


2. If you take high speed bullet train to our city , Our train station is Ruian train station . It is about 30 minutes from train station to our factory by car . You can fly to wenzhou airport from Shanghai , Beijing , Guangzhou first , Shanghai City is our nearest International city .It is about 4hour and 30 minuets from Shanghai station to Ruian Station .


Q:Do you have any recommended hotel for us?

A:Our company can help to book the favorable room at the better rate for you. if you prefer to do it yourselves, we would like to suggest the hotel as following as your reference.


Ruian International Hotel.


ADD:NO.555,WanSong east road,ruian city,Zhejiang province 325200


Ruian Best Machine Co.,Ltd.


Rui Li Hotel

Address:Ruian City Anyang Road No. 179


Reservations:0577-65887722 667609(City network)

Ordering:0577-65887711 658775(City network)

Meeting:0577-65887755 617607(City network)





Ruian Best Machine Co.,Ltd.


Q:How about the food?

A:we will arrange the suitable restaurant for different favorite, such as Aladdin Restaurant for Muslim food, Indian Restaurant for indian food, Western-style food,Chinese snack and food ect

Machine Install

After the machine delivery to customer’s factory, we will sent engineers or technician to client’s factory, within the appointed time to install the machines and train the operator for buyers. Engineer’s salary and transportation fee from our factory to the domestic airport or station is on our account.

During the installation, customers should offer Accommodation,Round-trip tickets, Visa cost for our engineers. working time is 8 hours per day. Salary is 80-150USD per day( it depends)


Technology Sharing:

How To Operate Plastic Bag Making Machine:

The prepare before machine starting
1.Check the dust and debris around the equipment, and remove it.
2.Put right film roll according to the requirements of the production order.
3.According to the production order and process file, adjust the size of the bag, install the heat 4.sealing knife and completed preliminary debugging.
5.The location of the cutting knife and heat sealing knife.
6.Turn on the power source, set the temperature of heat sealing knife according to the process file.
7.Input the relevant data and the quantity of each bundle of bags.
8.Choose a pattern with obvious color variation along the left and right adjust the sensitivity of the optical eye, make it meet the requirement.

Starting up
1.Turn on the main motor, low speed running, then adjust the edge position control, put the film in middle of position.
2.Adjust the left and right roller, make the film alignment.
3.Adjust the front and back roller, make the pattern in a right position.
4.Adjust the heat sealing knife, let it heat sealing at the request of the bag.
5.Adjust the cutting blade to the desired location, and adjust the punching position to the cutting mouth.
6.Adjust the machine speed, take the sample bag for preliminary inspection. Observation the bag making process, any abnormal adjust it immediately.
Disconnect the power switch ,then disconnect each part power switch.


Film Blowing Machine Maintenance:

Film Blowing Machine Maintenance
1.Check Traction Speed, Control the film thickness.
2.To observe the adjustment a uniform film thickness, Folding width Compliance.
3.Check the air cylinders pressure, Not too high,But should be have an reserve pressure.
4.Check the control and mixing ratio of raw materials.
5.Check the raw materials without impurity. Timely magnet to check whether there is iron mixed.
6.Check the reduction gearbox position and air compressor air cylinder lubricating oil lubrication condition.
7.Periodic inspection each operation of the motor temperature and mechanical transmission condition.

Film blowing machine maintenance-Targeted maintenance items
1.Feeding machines system: Clean the filter in time, check negative pressure feeding system.

2.Extruder System
(1) Observe the pressure gauges and the main motor current, clean screen changers in time.
(2)Check the gear case, screw, main motor without noise and the main motor overheating.
(3)Check the inverter operating frequency, current, temperature, timely to clean up the motor, inverter dust.
(4)Correction thermocouple measurement and the actual temperature error Correction extruder placed Availability ,Adjust the sheave ensure extruder placement Angle and level.

3. Die-head system:
(1)Starting up warming adopt secondary heating method, avoid temperature overshoot.
(2)Before the opening using copper cleaning product material, Paraffin wax membrane cleaning membrane mouth, Reduce the impact of The precipitate on the membrane vesicles.
(3)After downtime cover protective blanket in a timely manner, Avoid mold damage
(4)Regularly inspect each temperature zone and membrane heating plug-in temperature, current, temperature correction.
(5)Correction Die-head level and center and traction.
(6)mold screw removing using a torque wrench, according to the specified torque operation, high-temperature portion screw using molybdenum disulfide grease.
(7)Prohibition of mold welding, cutting.

4.The wind ring maintenance: Clean up debris and dust within air ring

5.Traction device maintenance: Herringbone folding pollution-free, gripping traction (cooling) roller pressure suitable, non-condensing, flattening roll flexible operation.

6.Herringbone folding pollution-free
(1)Regularly clean the high voltage transformer, the discharge roller, the discharge frame, electric control box, adjust the discharge gap.
(2)Check the equipment before starting the humidity, avoid discharge short circuit, check the discharge roller bearing operating temperature.
(3)Replace the silicone tube in a timely manner.

7.Electrical Appliance Maintenance
(1)To ensure power supply is stable, reliable, performance parameters Conformance to Requirements.
(2)Maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, keep a good grounding, pay attention to eliminate static electricity Clean radiator’s dust on a regular basis.
(3)To prohibit the maintenance of core components.


Roll Sliting Machine:


Roll slitting is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. There are two types of slitting: log slitting and rewind slitting. In log slitting the roll of material is treated as a whole (the 'log') and one or more slices are taken from it without an unrolling/re-reeling process. In rewind slitting the web is unwound and run through the machine, passing through knives or lasers, before being rewound on one or more shafts to form narrower rolls. The multiple narrower strips of material may be known as mults (short for multiple) or pancakes if their diameter is much more than their width. For rewind slitting the machine used is called a slitter rewinder, a slitter or a slitting machine - these names are used interchangeably for the same machines. For particularly narrow & thin products the pancakes become unstable, and then the rewind may be onto a bobbin-wound reel: the rewind bobbins are much wider than the slit width and the web oscillates across the reel as it is rewound. Apart from the stability benefit it is also then possible to put very long lengths, (frequently many tens of kilometres), onto one bobbin.

Soft materials:

Several methods are available for soft materials like plastic films and paper. Razor blades, straight, or circular blades are being used. Some blades cut through the material while others crush the material against a hard roll. Those are similar to knives and cut the material into narrow strips, which may be called coils when being rewound. The cutting blades can be set to a desired width. Some machines have many blades to increase the options of cutting widths, others have just a single blade and can be set to a desired location. The slit material is rewound on paper, plastic or metal cores on the exit side of the machine.
The process is used because of its low cost and high precision for mass production. Some machines have a program that monitors the blades and sharpens the blades often to maintain the quality and precision of the cut. Depending on the industry and the product that is being slit these:machine can run between 10m/min (special metal webs) and 500 m/min (paper making process). The machines can also incorporate extensive automation to precisely control material tension, automatically position the slitting knives, automatically align the cores onto which the material is wound and to reduce manual handling of the rolls.
Examples of materials that can be cut this way are: adhesive tape, foam, rubber, paper products, foil, plastics (such as tarps and cling wrap), glass cloth, fabrics, release liner and film.


Hard materials:

See also: Shearing (metalworking)
For harder materials, such as sheet metal, blades cannot be used. Instead a modified form of shearing is used. Two cylindrical rolls with matching ribs and grooves are used to cut a large roll into multiple narrower rolls. This continuous production process is very economical yet precise; usually more precise than most other cutting processes. However, the occurrence of rough or irregular edges known as burrs are commonplace on slit edges. Also, the geometry of these rolls is determined by specific tolerances in addition to the type of material and workpiece thickness.
For metal coils, the splitter consists of three main parts: an uncoiler, splitter, and recoiler. The material is fed from the uncoiler, through the nip between the two circular cutting wheels (one on top and another underneath), and then re-wound in slit pieces on the recoiler.
When the term "slitter rewinder" or "slitting machine" is used to describe the machine, the three parts are referred to as the unwind, the slitting section and the rewind. Slitter rewinders are normally used to slit plastic films, paper and metal foils. The unwind is either braked or driven to maintain accurate tension in the material. Some machines have a driven unwind which reduces the effect of inertia when starting to unwind heavy rolls or when the material is very tension-sensitive.
The slitting section has three main options:
Razor slitting, which is ideal for thin plastic films - the system is very simple and quick to set. Although the razor blades are low cost, they need to be frequently changed to ensure a good quality slit edge.

Rotary shear slitting. Male and female circular knives engage to give a scissor cutting effect. This system is used widely on paper, films and foils. Although the knives take longer to position, they stay sharp longer than razor blades. The setting time can be reduced by using an automatic knife-positioning system.
Crush cut slitting. A male knife runs against an anvil. The system works well with certain materials including non-wovens and foams.
The rewind section also has options. The main type is centre winding using differential rewind shafts. These shafts are becoming universal on most slitting machines. The differential shafts ensure an even tension across the full width of the material. Closed-loop control of the winding tension using feedback from load cells provides the total tension-control system required for running tension-sensitive materials. Precise and accurate tension control is the key to good roll slitting. Modern machines use AC vector drives with closed-loop feedback from AC motors. When used with the correct control algorithms, they produce excellent results with the minimum of maintenance.


industry usage:
Roll slitting is a technique heavily used by Converters (industry). The converter industry normally refers to companies who print, coat and laminate materials. A typical converter is a company manufacturing producing flexible packaging material for packaging food. This may involve purchasing large rolls of plastic film such as biaxially orientated polypropylene (BOPP) which is then printed to the customer's design and coated with cold seal adhesive for use on high speed packaging machines. This material is printed and coated in wide, large diameter rolls for maximum efficiency. The rolls are then slit, using a slitting machine, into smaller rolls of the size to be used on the packaging machine.